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CBDOilUK.com is dedicated to providing the best CBD Oil at affordable prices.

At CBD Oil UK, we are dedicated to providing the best quality CBD Oil products at affordable prices. We focus on understanding the entire process from seed to shelf meaning we only accept exceptional quality high CBD hemp extracts from certified organic farms based around the EU & USA. In order to achieve a healthy, fit lifestyle we recommend incorporating premium CBD supplements such as CBD Oil into your daily diet.

The CBD Oil market is currently very confusing which is why we focus on being a customer service based business. This means we take action to regularly lab test all of our products to show exactly what’s inside the CBD Oil you purchase from CBDOilUK.com - not only will this provide certainty, you will also have a chance to see what other cannabinoids, such as CBDa, CBG, CBDv & much more is in your CBD product.

Alongside this, we have provided our customers with a dedicated support contact support@cbdoiluk.com and helpline, with dedicated CBD experts ready to assist you whenever needed may it be picking a product or querying an upcoming delivery. You can buy CBD Oil here



CBD Oil UK Sprays

CBDOilUK.com has a full range of CBD Oil sprays and are based in the UK.

CBD products such as and including CBD Oils have recently gained a lot of traction in the world of media which has fortunately opened the eyes of thousands to these amazing CBD supplements.

So what is CBD? CBD is one of over 60 chemicals which is found in the Cannabis Sativa L plant species known as cannabinoids. The acronym CBD stands for one of the most known cannabinoids, Cannabidiol. All CBD products including CBD Oil are made from this cannabidiol extract taken from the Cannabis Sativa L plant. As mentioned above briefly, all our extracts come from high CBD hemp.

CBD Oil supplements are completely legal in the UK as long as the follow certain regulations - this includes the product having to contain a very low level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) - the part of cannabis which produces the ‘high’ feeling. The reason CBD does not produce this euphoric ‘high’ or psychoactive feeling is because it and THC target different receptors spread throughout the body. To ensure all of our CBD Oil products are legal, our full set of lab reports tell you exactly what’s inside each bottle of CBD Oil.

What are the benefits of taking CBD Oil? As you may know by now, there are by no means a short supply of amazing stories revolving around CBD positively changing how people live their lives by helping with an illness or pain which nothing else has been able to help. We must however note that all supplements sold here at CBDOilUK.com are sold as health supplements and must be treated as such.

The reason CBD Oil is seen to be such a miracle supplement is due to the fact that it simply supplements your body what is needs exactly. You may not have been taught this in science class however your body has what is known as an endocannabinoid system inside of it, this is something like the immune system or digestive system and as such, requires certain vitamins and supplements to help it work as effectively and efficiently as what it should. The endocannabinoid system needs one thing to work, cannabinoids! The cannabinoids your body so desperately needs however it has been deprived almost your entire life (unless you eat hemp!).

The endocannabinoid system has a series of receptors spread throughout your body, there are two types of receptors in the endocannabinoid system, these being CB1 and CB2 receptors. These cannabinoid receptors, part of the endocannabinoid system have quite a few roles including affecting appetite, memory, pain-sensation and mood. Due to your endocannabinoid system now functioning correctly as you are taking CBD supplements, there is no doubt that CBD Oil can improve your standard of health and well-being.



CBD E-Liquid UK

Make the switch to the UK’s best CBD vape juice range from CBDOilUK.com

With the sharp rise of e-cigarettes popularity within recent years, we here at CBDOilUK.com were in no doubt that we needed to provide a great quality CBD Vape Liquid to the UK. So, what are the differences between normal e-liquid and CBD E-Liquid? CBD E-Liquid unlike traditional e-liquid does not carry any nicotine meaning you can stop at any time should you like or if you would like to take CBD vape juice alongside your existing vape, some of our CBD E-Liquid can be treated just like an additive where you can add it to your existing e-juice to get your nicotine fix as well.

CBD E-Liquid typically feature similar or identical ingredients to that which you would see in your usual vape oil including vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavouring and then the additional levels of CBD. By featuring the same or identical ingredients as a traditional e-liquid, it means CBD E-Liquid can be taken the exact same way as conventional vape juice with the exact same E-Cigarette. This means that it is one of the most convenient and also a very cost effective method of taking CBD. You can also get a full range of CBD Vape Juice including flavours and strengths from here at CBDOilUK.com

There are also benefits to taking CBD in the form of vaping, the most major benefit coming from the fact that as vapour directly enters your lungs from the mouth your CBD content will be bypassing the digestive system. This means that the hydrochloric acid contained within your stomach will not break down any of the CBD content before reaching the cannabinoid receptors. This makes vaping one of the most effective ways to take CBD to get it directly into your bloodstream and to the cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the endocannabinoid system. CBD Vape also provides one of the most efficient, fast ways to get CBD into your body due to bypassing the digestive system.

If you’re an existing vaper or want to get started in the world of vaping, CBD ELiquids are an amazing way to go, our full range of CBD Vaping Juices contain a vast amount of strengths and flavours ensuring you have a complete option of what you want to vape and at varying price points we can guarantee there’s something for everyone.



CBD Capsules UK

A convenient and effective way to take CBD without the taste!

A great and very convenient way to take CBD - taking CBD Capsules is undoubtedly one of the most conventional ways most people are used to taking any form of supplement. In order to take a CBD capsule, simply pop it into your mouth and swallow like any traditional tablet! You can buy CBD Capsules here which are rich in a compound known as CBD - CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa L plant species which will improve your health and well-being but will not produce a euphoric ‘high’ cannabis is typically associated with.

Once you have swallowed a CBD Capsule, it will begin passing through your bodies digestive system which includes passing through your stomach's hydrochloric acid. Once the CBD capsule has passed here, the CBD will then enter your bloodstream to then finally reach your endocannabinoid system which contains a vast network of cannabinoid receptors including the CB1 and CB2 receptors spread throughout the body which have a role in the following body functions:: mood, appetite, pain-sensation and memory to name a few.

If you would prefer taking CBD in a different form than capsule, you can find our extensive range of CBD Oil here. CBD Oil is one of the most popular and without a doubt one of the most effective ways to take CBD. However if you would like to vape CBD, you can check out our CBD E-Liquid range here.

All CBD supplements sold here at CBDOilUK.com are completely legal within UK and EU law. When travelling abroad be sure to check local laws surrounding CBD supplements in order to ensure you won’t have any trouble when travelling and taking CBD products such as CBD Oil, CBD E-Liquid or CBD Capsules.



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Confused or any help at all? You can email us any time, at support@cbdoiluk.com and we will get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, contact our dedicated customer helpline using the details provided above.