Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress disorders are a huge and increasing problem nowadays. While they’re often treated using heavy medication. These pharmaceuticals unfortunately offer the necessary concerns in terms of safety and efficacy. Luckily, research shows us that nature has it’s own safe anti-anxiety medication: hemp! The Pure  CBD oil products  might help you battle anxiety and stress.
How CBD helps treat anxiety and stress:
The reason why hemp products like CBD appear to be effective against anxiety-issues, is that it probably has to do with Cannabidiol’s impact on the levels of endocannabinoids and other neurotransmitters in our body. Including but not limited to serotonin and dopamine, and our ‘happiness-molecules’ anandamide and 2-AG.
Serotonin - like some of the other substances named above - is a neurotransmitter our body's should produce naturally. Its job is to help regulate our mood, sleep, digestive issues and behavior; amongst other things. And as studies suggests, serotonin-levels in the body play a major role in your experience of anxiety and depression. The lower your serotonin-levels are, the worse it gets.
That’s why most anxiety-medication focuses on regulating the sertonin-concentration. Though unfortunately, this type of heavy medication might have serious side-effects which are not to be overlooked. Hence why an increasing number of people prefer to use natural remedies like CBD oil over pharmaceuticals to battle anxiety and stress
Some of the best preforming products on the market are 8% or more cbd oils. One highly recommended brand is Pure which boasts 10%  cbd. Pure is both vegan & non-GMO friendly & features full third party lab reports which stand beside every single product & batch of product as to ensure you are not only receiving quality but also consistancy within your product. Pure is also C02 extracted - this is the gold standard when it comes to extracting any product such as this. 
If you require a quality product which doesn't break the bank & has a company ready to stand beside it at any point, this is the one for you. The Pure XL bottle lasts approximately 10 times longer than standard 10ml bottles.