CANABIDOL CBD Health – Boost Capsules


Reduces Tiredness & Fatigue

30 capsules containing 10mg each inside each packet

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    • CBD capsules infused with Zinc to support normal cognitive function.
    • Each capsule contains 5% of recommended Zinc daily amount.
    • Great for people who dislike the taste of CBD Oils.
    • Fast & efficient way to take CBD.
    • Great value for money product – 30 capsules containing 10mg each inside each packet.

    Introducing the brand new CBD Health capsules from Canabidol. The CBD Health product range features products enriched with CBD which are then infused with specific vitamins to target different areas of need.

    The Mind Capsules from Canabidol are enriched with CBD and Zinc – customers are using the Boost capsules to help support normal, healthy cognitive function of the mind.

    All products from Canabidol, including the CBD Health range are family friendly and do not contain THC. This means all products in the range are suitable for every member of the family from children to working adults.

    Fully Natural CBD Products.

    All our products are fully natural meaning no chemical additives or preservatives are put in them. This way, we can guarantee you’re getting what nature intended.

    No Mess, No Taste.

    The CBD Health oral capsules are fantastic for those of us who dislike the taste traditionally associated with CBD Oils. Simply take 1-3 capsules 2-3 times per day and you’ll begin feeling the benefits.



Canabidol is the UK & Ireland's best selling CBD oil brand due to its innovative processes and wide range of CBD oil products. Canabidol products have existed within the market for as long as 3 years now which makes it one of the oldest CBD oil brands available in a market that is constantly growing. Being old doesn't mean being outdated though - the Canabidol range has expanded massively within the past few months and continues to do so with new Canabidol products featuring CBD E-Liquids, upcoming CBD terpene infused teas and even CBD chocolate! How ever you wish to ingest CBD, whether it’s CBD capsules or with organic CBD oil directly under the tongue, with CBDOILUK you can be assured that you are receiving the very best quality products.