HARMONY 500mg CBD Crystals


99% Pure CBD

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  • Over 99% pure CBD content
  • Full lab report to coincide with the product.
  • Can be used by mixing with e-liquid, mixing with carrier oil, baking or dabbing.
  • Solvent free – no harmful additives inside.
  • Great “all-day” vape – more like traditional e-liquids.
  • Super Critical Co2 Extracted ensuring the most pure product is created.

Harmony CBD crystals are over 99% pure CBD meaning that they are the cleanest, most pure CBD product you’ll find in all of the world. Crystals have a broad amount of uses, this includes anything from the following: mixing within an e-liquid, mixing with a carrier oil, baking with the crystals to produce CBD edibles or even dabbing the crystal by itself.

After the hemp oil has been removed from the bud, it can be refined further to produce an isolated form of CBD. Once the hemp oil has been extracted, it is then put through a “winterisation” process or slowly heater to remove any remaining fats or lipids from the product. After this is complete, a machine called a rotary evaporator is used to remove any form of plant traces. Finally, once fully extracted the product is ran through a decarboxylation process which is again heating the product to activate the cannabinoids inside – this makes the chemicals bio-available for the end user.