HARMONY Pure Base CBD E-Liquid


CBD pure base

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  • Grown & manufactured in Spain
  • Full lab report to coinside with the product.
  • Europe’s best selling CBD E-Liquid products.
  • 80 VG / 20 PG base mixture – will work with most e-cigarettes.
  • Terpene infused for the best tasting vape imaginable.
  • Super Critical Co2 Extracted ensuring the most pure product is created.

Harmony’s cannabis originals e-liquid range is a range based on real cannabis flavoured. They gain the flavour through the addition of fully natural terpenes – these are compounds produced by a variety of plants responsible for their smell & flavour. Each strain has its own story & something that makes it instantly recognisable to the usual smoker.

This is our CBD pure base (10 ml) for your favorite e-liquid flavors. Mix it to the e-liquid you love to vape for an added CBD boost.